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Compensation Plan Assessment and Creation

Many hospitalist programs are moving away from a straight salary-based model for hospitalist compensation. Other compensation options include a combination salary-incentive plan (also referred to as a bonus plan), which is very popular, and a straight productivity-based plan (full risk assumption by the physician). If your program is transitioning to a salary-incentive based compensation plan or if the hospitalists are underachieving, HPS can create an incentive plan to address your needs. We have extensive experience creating provider incentive plans. We can tailor the plan to address the delivery of quality care, provider productivity, teamwork, coding, chart documentation, good citizenship, etc. Our plans are innovative, support teamwork, and align the vision and goals of the hospitalists with key stakeholders.

The incentive plan will define provider performance standards. This allows the practice to clearly delineate hospitalist performance expectations, change behaviors, and develop a culture throughout the practice that is consistent with the mission, objectives, and values of the organization. The incentive plan also empowers physicians to maintain an active role in the practice management aspect of medicine.

HPS can also assist your program in developing a provider salary structure. We will base our recommendations on national, regional and local comps. We will also analyze practice data and take into consideration your practice ownership model. Our assessment provides your group with the projected financial subsidy required to maintain a thriving and successful practice. We will also provide contractual recommendations protecting your return on investment.   

Whatever vehicle you choose, HPS will work with you to effectively implement the desired plan.

* The compensation plan assessment can be offered as a stand alone service or in conjunction with other services we provide.

Compensation and Incentive Plan Implementation Assistance

HPS is dedicated to providing your hospitalist practice with services that ensure longitudinal success. We are aware that supplying tools and strategies may not be sufficient to guarantee success... read more

12 month follow up review and analysis

HPS can also provide a 12-month review and analysis to maintain focus on and momentum of the recommended initiatives. This service can be provided remotely. In some instances a follow-up site visit may be appropriate.

Books and Accomplishments

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